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[ 7折 / 30% off ] Laundry Liquid (1000ml) 一杯清(無毒天然洗衣液) (1000ml)

[ 7折 / 30% off ] Laundry Liquid (1000ml) 一杯清(無毒天然洗衣液) (1000ml)

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Laundry Detergent 1000ml (+/-10ml)

This product would not destroy the fabric of clothing,
would not leave chemicals on human body.
Suitable for babies and people who have sensitive skin.

This product is made with edible ingredients and it is hand-made.
During the whole production, we do not add any Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and silicon,
we only use natural and non-toxic ingredients.

Cleaning dirty laundry

Suitable for normal clothes washing, please use 10-15mL of product for 5kg of clothing, and adjust the amount of product according to the amount and dirt of clothing.

[Gentle Reminder]
‧All handmade products will have slight differences in color,scent and texture
‧Subtle adjustment will be made to cater for weather changed
‧If you are sensitive to any ingredients in this product,please consult a doctor doctor first
‧Please keep in cool and dry place,avoid driect sunlight

*No(Fragrance/Chemical Paraben/MIT/SLS/Amodimethicone/Steroid/Silicon/Colorings/Tear-free/Alcohol)
*Natural Products/Cruelty free/Vegan product

Distilled Water
Coconut Oil
Lemon Oil
Tea Tree Oil


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