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[ 買1送1 / Buy1Get1Free ] Effector Essence (100ml) 逆齡神仙水 (100ml)

[ 買1送1 / Buy1Get1Free ] Effector Essence (100ml) 逆齡神仙水 (100ml)

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The choice for fighting against skin aging is the highly nutrient-rich essence.

Effector Essence contains a variety of peptides including different kinds of peptides
and GHK-Cu to solve skin problems.

The product makes the skin firm, effectively shrinks pores, brightens and whitens the skin, tightens wrinkles or puffs under the eyes, helps the deformation of dark particles, stimulates the underlying cells to renew and regain youth and anti-aging regeneration!

The effect of using with effector would be more significant.

Promotes collagen proliferation, reduces the permeability of blood vessel walls, delays skin aging, and deeply locks in moisture.

1. Pour out sufficient amount of product and gently pat it onto the skin, til it is absorbed.

2. Apply it onto the dry paper mask and use it as a wet mask. Apply the mask for about 10 minutes.

[Gentle Reminder]
‧All handmade products will have slight differences in color,scent and texture
‧Subtle adjustment will be made to cater for weather changed
‧If you are sensitive to any ingredients in this product, please consult a doctor doctor first
‧Please keep in cool and dry place,avoid driect sunlight

*No(Fragrance/Chemical Paraben/MIT/SLS/Amodimethicone/Steroid/Silicon/Tear-free/Alcohol)
*Natural Products/Cruelty free/Vegan product

Helichrysum Italian Organic Hydrosol (Helichrysum italicum)
Palmitoyl Pentapeptide-3
Acetyl Tetrapeptide-9
Acetyl Hexapeptide-8
Hyaluronic Acid

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